Multiwavelength Laser Action of Nd$^{3+}$:YAlO$_3$ Single Crystals Grown by the Laser Heated Pedestal Growth Method


We describe the growth of high quality transparent fibers of pure and Nd-doped YAlO$3$ from unreacted pedestals (green rods) by the laser heated pedestal growth technique. The X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the fibers are monocrystalline, with a distorted Pnma perovskite structure and grow along direction ($b$ axis). In this work, multi-wavelength laser action is demonstrated for these fibers in the two main laser channels of Nd$^{3+}$ ions. In the $^4F{3/2}$ → $^4I_{11/2}$ laser transition, low threshold multi-wavelength laser emission is obtained at wavelengths of 1065, 1073 and 1081 nm. Additionally, for the first time in LHPG grown YAlO$_3$ fibers, laser action in the $^4F_{3/2}$ → $^4I_{13/2}$ transition is demonstrated at a wavelength of 1341 nm.

Opt. Mater. 24, 643–650 (2004)