Brief introduction to Raman spectroscopy of materials

Spatially resolved MoO$_x$ phases by laser localized oxidation of MoO$_2$: A possible route for all-molybdenum-oxide devices

*J. Mater. Chem. C*, (2021)

Growth of out-of-plane standing MoTe$_{2(1-x)}$Se$_{2x}$/MoSe$_2$ composite flake films by sol-gel nucleation of MoO$_y$ and isothermal closed space telluro-selenization

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Nanostructural changes upon substitutional Al doping in ZnO sputtered films

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Lattice damage in 9-MeV-carbon irradiated diamond and its recovery after annealing

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Micro-Raman spectroscopy of near-surface damage in diamond irradiated with 9-MeV boron ions

We have studied the near-surface damage in a diamond crystal caused by irradiation with swift boron ions and its healing after high-temperature annealing. A diamond crystal was irradiated with 9-MeV $^{11}$B$^{3+}$ ions with fluence values between $1 …

Differences in n-type doping efficiency between Al- and Ga-ZnO films

A careful and wide comparison between Al and Ga as substitutional dopants in the ZnO wurtzite structure is presented. Both cations behave as n-type dopants and their inclusion improves the optical and electrical properties of the ZnO matrix, making …

Raman spectroscopy analysis of pigments on Diego Velazquez paintings

*Vibrat. Spectrosc.* **69**, 13--20 (2013)

Fotónica y nanotecnología

In this paper we deal with the intimate connection between photonics and nanotechnology. We will briefly review the optical methods to observe and manipulate nanometric particles and describe how one can modify the photonic response of materials by …

Lattice-Mismatch Induced Stress in Porous Silicon Films

We have studied the stress in porous silicon films with different porosities at the interface with the substrate. Micro-Raman spectra were measured along a cleaved cross section to sample different layer depths. Each spectrum was fit to the phonon …