Laser writing of nanostructured silicon arrays for the SERS detection of biomolecules with inhibited oxidation

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Nanostructural changes upon substitutional Al doping in ZnO sputtered films

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Lattice-Mismatch Induced Stress in Porous Silicon Films

We have studied the stress in porous silicon films with different porosities at the interface with the substrate. Micro-Raman spectra were measured along a cleaved cross section to sample different layer depths. Each spectrum was fit to the phonon …

Determination of Stress in Porous Silicon by Micro-Raman Spectroscopy

We have studied the stress in porous silicon films as a function of depth and porosity using micro-Raman spectroscopy. Raman spectra were measured at different points along a cross section cleaved normal to the layer planes. Each spectrum was fitted …

Depth-Resolved Microspectroscopy of Porous Silicon Multilayers

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Electrooptics: Phenomena, materials and applications

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Electronic energy levels of quantum well wires

An efficient variational method to solve the two‐dimensional Schrödinger equation using a basis set of cubic $B$ splines is introduced. The method, which uses the effective mass theory and the envelope function approximation, is applied to find the …

Local origin of photocurrent in semiconductor superlattices

To trace the origin of photocurrent (PC) in semiconductor superlatices, we have studied the PC spectra as a function of the applied electric field in a novel compositionally graded superlattice, where each well produces a separate peak. The sample …

Change in dimensionality of superlattice excitons induced by an electric field

We have observed an electric-field-induced change in the dimensionality of excitons in superlattices, from three to quasi-two dimensions. The exciton binding energy of a (40 Å/(40 Å) GaAs/(GaAl)As superlattice, determined from low-temperature …

Coherence and localization in semiconductor superlattices under electric fields

Using optical techniques, we have demonstrated that the quantum coherence of electron states in GaAs/GaAlAs superlattices under electric fields increases drastically as the period, $D$, and the electric field, $\cal{E}$, decrease, reaching at least …