Novel properties of magnetic heterostructures by molecular beam epitaxy


Diluted magnetic semiconductor Cd_{1-x}Mn_xTe-Cd$_{1-y}$Mn$_y$Te heterostructures of various layer thickness, where $0 ≤ x$, $y ≤ 0.4$, were grown by molecular beam epitaxy for optical and magnetic studies of reduced-dimensional systems. X-ray diffraction patterns, low-temperature photoluminescence spectra (PL), and AC magnetic susceptibility measurements were used to verify the integrity of these structures. The carrier quantization in the quantum wells were revealed by the magnetic response in a magneto-optic microsusceptometer as well as by the results of PL measurement. These SLs were used to study the dimensional cross-over of the spin-glass phase. In addition, a magnetic-field-induced transition from type I to type II superlattice was observed.

J. Cryst. Growth 111, 1016–1023 (1991)