Fotónica y nanotecnología

In this paper we deal with the intimate connection between photonics and nanotechnology. We will briefly review the optical methods to observe and manipulate nanometric particles and describe how one can modify the photonic response of materials by …

Wannier-Stark localization and Bloch oscillations

This chapter discusses the effects of an electric field on the electronic and optical properties of semiconductor superlattices. Here an ideal superlattice is considered to be an infinite periodic series of strongly coupled quantum wells. The …

Electrooptics: Phenomena, materials and applications

(Academic Press, 1994)

Temperature Dependence of the Electronic Coherence of GaAs-GaAlAs Superlattices

We have shown that the coherence length of electrons in a 55-Å-period GaAs-GaAlAs superlattice does not depend strongly on temperature in the range 5--292 K, varying from 17 periods at 5 K to a minimum of nine periods at room temperature. The quantum …

Optical properties of quantum wells and superlattices under electric fields

We review the effects of a longitudinal electric field on the optical properties of semiconductor quantum wells and superlattices, emphasizing recent developments on the latter, such as the observation of the Stark ladder, field-induced localization, …

Doubly Resonant Raman Scattering Induced by an Electric Field

*Phys. Rev. B* **38**, 12720--12723 (1988)

Stark Localization in GaAs-GaAlAs Superlattices under an Electric Field

*Phys. Rev. Lett.* **60**, 2426--2429 (1988)