ion irradiation

Lattice damage in 9-MeV-carbon irradiated diamond and its recovery after annealing

We have studied the radiation damage in diamond as a function of layer depth upon self-ion implantation with 9-MeV carbon ions and its recovery after annealing at $1000^\circ$C. Raman and photoluminescence spectra show substantial damage of the …

Micro-Raman spectroscopy of near-surface damage in diamond irradiated with 9-MeV boron ions

We have studied the near-surface damage in a diamond crystal caused by irradiation with swift boron ions and its healing after high-temperature annealing. A diamond crystal was irradiated with 9-MeV $^{11}$B$^{3+}$ ions with fluence values between $1 …

Biosensores basados en compuestos nanoestructurados de silicio / Biosensors based on nanostructured silicon compounds

The main purpose of his project is the development of biosensors based on substrates of nanostructured silicon compounds. Among these materials we have chosen porous silicon (PS) with controlled nanocrystal size and nanostructured silica in the form MCM41.

Diseño de patrones por haces de iones en materiales para aplicaciones optoelectrónicas y biofuncionales. Micro y nanocaracterización / Ion beam patterning of materials for optoelectronic applications and biofunctionalization

Investigation of ion beam techniques for the development of micro- and nanostructures showing (a) Optical contrast that could be exploited as photonic structures of interest in optoelectronics, and (b) Electrical properties contrast that could be used as electric protocols to stimulate specific processes of biological cell differentiation

Optical investigation of the propagation of the amorphous--crystalline boundary in ion-beam irradiated LiNbO$_3$

The effects of high-energy silicon (5 MeV, 7.5 MeV and 30 MeV) irradiations have been optically investigated by the dark-mode m-lines technique. In all cases, an optically isotropic homogeneous layer is created after a certain critical fluence that …