Incorporation of vanadium in liquid phase epitaxy films of LiNbO$_3$


Second harmonic generation in Lithium Niobate (LN) thin films has been widely studied. This interest is extended to waveguides obtained by the Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE) technique due to the high perfection and crystallinity of the films. However the incorporation of vanadium into the film due to the growth technique is still a problem because of the absorption band of this ion in the visible zone of the spectra. In this work the LN films are obtained by the LPE technique on pure LN singledomain substrates in the horizontal LPE geometry. Several temperatures have been used in order to obtain the best crystalline quality. The starting flux used was LiVO3 80 mol%, with a Li rich melt of LiNbO3.

Proc. SPIE 3793, Operational Characteristics and Crystal Growth of Nonlinear Optical Materials, 222 (June 28, 1999)